New UK Immigration Fees Structure Announced For 2017

shutterstock_545401000The government set out its proposed changes to the fees for visas, immigration applications and processing time. So we have changed our visa fees and processing charges. These specific fee changes will apply from 3rd January 2017.

The new fee structure will reduce on the amounts for broad categories of visa fees that previously charged by There are no current plans to raise fees to the maximum levels. There are some changes in time required for processing UK visa application.

The following Visa processing fees will be applicable from 3 January 2017 onward

           Exclusive UK Visa Price- 2017

   Visa Type



   6 Months Visa



   2 Years Visa



   5 Years Visa



   10 Years Visa



The Following changes are done in processing time required for visa.

  • Normal Visa: Previously the Normal visa application takes 3 to 4 working days to process visa application. Now there is increase in processing time and now it takes 10- 14 working days from the day of application.
  • Express Visa: Previously the Express visa application takes 1 to 2 working days to process visa application. Now there is small increase in processing time and now it takes 4 to 5 working days from the day of application.
  • 10 Years Visa: We are now also process 10 years visa which allows visitor to in UK for up to 10 years. If visa applicant can prove that he/she needs to visit the UK regularly over a longer period, they can apply for a 10 years visa. Traveller can stay for a maximum of 6 months on each visit.

The visa requirements for all visa categories will stay same. The above changes will not effect on visa application process and services.

If you would like more information on how to apply for a UK Visa or would like to know more about new changes visit us on


5 Best Places To Celebrate New Year’s In London

shutterstock_506751340Planning to celebrate New Year in new style at new place? But, wondering about where to celebrate? Okay, Don’t Worry here we have listed 5 best places where you can celebrate your new year Eve. We know that everyone thinks about to celebrating New Year from first day of December. Many people plan to celebrate it like how they celebrate every year with their friends and family.  Few people plans to celebrate it new way and new style. So, for those we have discovered new idea. What you Do you think if you celebrate your New Year Eve with new people at new place?

shutterstock_125424134New Year’s Eve in London guarantees an unforgettable evening. There are many party places where you can celebrate your NYE. Here is the list of best five places:

1.   Somerset House, London


A peaceful and delightful approach to welcome-2017, skate alongside loved ones to the beats of DJ Bad Zuke at London’s most tremendous ice arena. Enjoy champagne at midnight and have exclusive access to the River Terrace for a perspective of the Mayor’s Fireworks on the Thames. Kick back and unwind with some thought about wine or hot chocolate for the children at this dazzling area while the world waits for midnight to chime.

2.   Southbank, London


If you don’t have any parties booked and you don’t fancy dressing up in your finery, then you can simply head on down to one of the most spectacular firecrackers shows in Europe -it’s a lot better in real life than on the telly! Join the crowds at Southbank and marvel at the turning sensation that is the London Eye as it is lit up by thousands of incredible firecrackers which seem to get bigger and better every year.

3.  Oxo Tower, London


Shimmering on the banks of the Thames, celebrate in style at the OXO Tower. Debauched, extravagance or more all, baffling, think wonderful dresses and high show to get you into the spirit. With a delicious dinner menu with champagne and wine accessible, you surely won’t be disappointed!

4.  Bounce Shoreditch, London


This will be Bounce in Shoreditchs’ first birthday gathering and NYE festivities all in one, so it’s set to be a decent one. The theme is glow with a standout amongst the most expand UV establishments in London – you won’t have the capacity to sit still. Hope to play ping pong well into the small hours of the morning and a specific fluid prize for best fancy dress.

5.  Troxy, London


By day, the Troxy is a smart and contemporary Art Deco place. By night, it can be changed into a boundless and vibrant area where revelers can assemble in stupendous festival. This New Year’s Eve celebrate with the unparalleled Mr. Robot Wars himself (sorry Red Dwarf has been done too often) Craig Charles! Prepare to move up and ring in the New Year with a velvety gathering of funk and soul beats. Prepare for the funkiest festival possible.

So what are you waiting for start packing, book your flight ticket, Get you’re UK Visa and fly London to make you NYE 2016/2017 unforgettable.

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Online UK Visa Application Center:


When traveling to United Kingdom the first essential step of each and every tourist need to take is to get a visa to enter UK. The UK visas and government offers different types of visas for travellers who wish to visit UK for tourism, meeting friends or family or business purpose. To obtain UK Visa every traveller need to log application for appropriate visa. UK visa application process is quite difficult if you are applying first time because of complex rules and uncertain visa process. So before applying for UK visa to avoid visa rejection you need to consider few points and understand visa application process clearly.

UK Visa:

Visitors to the United Kingdom require valid visa prior to travel. The type of visa you need depends on your purpose of travel. There are different types of UK Visa which can be issued depending upon nationality and purpose of traveling to UK.

  • Tourist Visitor Visa
  • Family Visitor Visa
  • Child Visitor Visa
  • Investor Visa
  • Entrepreneur Visa

Documents Required:

  • Valid passport or travel document.
  • One recent color passport size photo
  • Copy Of Biometric Information
  • Evidence of accommodation and travel details.
  • Evidence income stated on application form.

Along with this, for additional uk visa documents may be required depending upon your visa application.

Instructions For Documents:

  1. Submit valid passport which have at least 6 months validity period
  2. Do not Submit hand written passport
  3. Upload Clean and clear documents
  4. Photo should be recent and taken against white background

UK Visa Charges:

We provide above mentioned visa as per requestors need. We have urgent visa application in case of emergency.

Normal Visa: Normal processing charges applicable for this visa and processing takes 10 working days to complete.

Express Visa: If you choose Express visa option your application is processed immediately and it takes 2 to 3 days for visa approval.

Urgent Visa: This service can be used when UK visa is required on urgent basis. With the help of urgent visa processing mode you can get your visa within 24 hours.

How To Apply?

Follow the 3 simple steps to obtain visa for UK

  1. Apply for UK visa by filling a UK visa application form
  2. Upload necessary documents and pay visa application fees
  3. Receive your UK visa via email

Final Verdict:

Every year many people travel to United Kingdom for specific purpose like for tourism or for business related meetings or to meet family members. So for travellers convenience provides is one of the best visa services in Dubai for travellers who wish to visit UK. We promise that the process of getting the visa will go smooth and quick.

In case If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact us at

UK: Making A Stranger Feel Like Family easy and reliable source of providing uk visa instantly and now visitors, businessmen can travel to United Kingdom from Dubai. We provide online facility to through which visa seekers can easily apply for UK visa within minute.

Our visa application process is very simple and straight forward. Person having basic internet knowledge can easily apply for UK Visa. Traveler can choose convenient visa depending up on the duration and purpose of their visit to United Kingdom.

There are different types of UK visa which can be issued depending upon your purpose of travel.

  1. Tourist Visitor visa
  2.  Family Visitor visa
  3. Child visitor visa
  4. Investor visa
  5. Entrepreneur visa

This visa entitles you to enter the UK as tourist and stay up to 90 days within the period of six month.   To obtain these visas every traveler need to meet eligibility requirements specified by UK Immigration.

UK Visa Requirements:

  •  Valid passport or travel document.
  • One recent color
  • Copy of Bio-metric Information
  • Evidence of accommodation and travel details.
  • Evidence income stated on application form.

Along with this, additional UK visa documents may be required depending upon your visa application.

We provide above mentioned visa as per requester need. We have urgent visa application in case of emergency.

  • Normal Visa: Normal processing charges applicable for this visa and processing takes 10 working days to complete.
  • Express Visa: If you choose Express visa option your application is processed immediately and it takes 2 to 3 days for visa approval.
  • Urgent Visa: This service can be used when UK visa is required on urgent basis. With the help of urgent visa processing mode you can get your visa within 24 hours.

How to Book Visa?

Our visa application is straight forward, visa applicant need to just follow below given steps to apply for UK visa.

  1. Fill-out visa application completely and correctly.
  2.  Upload clean & clear scanned copy of passport and photo.
  3.  Pay visa processing fees using credit card or debit card.
  4. Download and Print UK visa received on your visa.

Once you file visa application successfully our visa experts review your application and process further. In case any additional information needed from your side our support executive get in touch with you instantly.

Final Words:

Understanding the visa application process may be confusing and sometimes frustrating. So taking help of experts who take care of your visa process is always better. Visa applicant can choose convenient visa option based on the duration and reason of their visit to United Kingdom.

So, let the experts take care of the visa application process for you. Visit us on or drop a mail us on

Must Visit Places And Things To Do In London

shutterstock_188400713London is Capital and most popular City of United Kingdom. There are many popular places and attractions to visit in London. We’re totally spoilt for decision with things to do in London, whether you are permanent resident of UK and have taken UK Visa to spend holidays in London. There are many ways to fill a free day with fun.

The city is yours to discover with our list of the top absolute things to do in London. From indoors to outdoor activities, this is your ultimate checklist of the capital’s best bits.

Tower Of London

Tower of London is one of the most famous vacation destinations in London. Visitor can take engrossing visits by Yeomen Warders (otherwise known as beef eaters) and find out about the stories and tragedies of this memorable regal spot. Don’t forget to see the dazzling Crown Jewels and the most seasoned show on the planet, the Line of Kings.

Take Part In Open House London

Take a part in hugely popular, capital-wide annual festival takes place over the weekend of September 17 and 18. The celebration permits access to several structures not ordinarily open to people in general – private homes, government structures, notable destinations, instructive foundations and numerous others.

Tour Of Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle is the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world. As the official residence of Queen Elizabeth II and it has over 900 years of rich regal history. Visitors can see the amazing State Apartments and the world’s smallest doll house, as well.

London Eye

Europe’s biggest observation wheel he London Eye operates throughout the day and into the night hours. Its individual glass containers offer the most breathtaking view of the city as you set out on a round visit rising 443 ft. over the Thames.

Shopping At Camden Market

The Camden markets also known as Camden Lock are a number of adjoining large retail markets. Here you will find a bit of everything variety of clothes, bags, jewelry, arts and crafts and myriad decorative tidbits.

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

Shakespeare’s Globe Theater is an indistinguishable recreation of the first sixteenth century open-air playhouse in which Shakespeare coordinated his world-famous plays. Set on the banks of the River Thames, it’s one of London’s most stunning structures.

Visit London Zoo

London Zoo is an awesome fascination in case you’re in London and searching for things to do with the family. London Zoo is home to wide animals. Involve in animal feedings and go inside the Butterfly Enclosure to get close up to nature.

Final Words:

Every year you’ll find some of the world’s biggest and most famous events in London and there are many things to do while you are in London. We help thousands of tourists to get their UK Visa. So hurry up and book your UK visa now if you’re looking for a more fun.

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shutterstock_137775122The visa requirements for traveler depend on the nationality they possess and purpose of visit to the UK. UK Visa is ideal for people who need visa requirement information. So especially for traveler’s convenience launched UK Visa – Dubai App, which provide facility to online visa booking facility using your smartphone. Now with help of this UK Visa traveler can book their visa anytime from anywhere. This App provides all information regarding UK immigration, different types of visas, visa requirements and fees.


The key features of this are user can book UK visa booking, document submission and online payment facility. With the UK Visa App, you can access detailed information on travel visa requirements for United Kingdom and you can book UK Visa directly on your Android Device. The UK Visa App is great for frequent international travelers who need to know country visa requirements and Visa.


  • UK Visa mobile app is FREE and EASY to use.
  • Quickly finds out whether or not a visa is required to travel to UK.
  • View the detailed visa requirements for UK visa.
  • Obtain updates on visa requirements.
  •  View consular fees for available visa types.
  • View contact information for UK Visa application Center.

What You Can DO?

  • Check whether you need visa.
  • Choose type of visa you need.

There are five different types of UK Visa are available which are listed below.

  1. Family Visitor Visa
  2. Child Visitor Visa
  3. Tourist Visitor Visa
  4. Investor Visa
  5. Entrepreneur Visa
  •  Fill visa application form.
  • You can pay visa fees through secure payment gateway.

If you want to stay up to date with our latest UK visa services, just download & install our UK Visa App on your smart phone for free from Google Play store.

If you’ve any problem with UK Visa app, you can mail us at so we are able to understand what’s wrong and fix it. Thanks!

Thing To Know When Traveling To United Kingdom

shutterstock_162125288When traveling to the United Kingdom-even for a short visit-travelers from visa obligatory countries must need UK Visa to enter in UK. As in most countries, the UK offers different types of visas different purpose. To obtain UK visa applicant need to submit different types of documents and visa processing fees. Here in this article we have given list of requirements and information about UK visa and application process.

The provides a list of general requirements for travelers applying for a UK visa.

Types Of UK Visa:

Type of visa need depends on your nationality and your reason for wanting to travel. Reason of travel can be anything for business or pleasure but appropriate visa is the first requirement.

  • Standard Visitor Visa:

A standard visitor visa applies to tourists who wish to stay in the UK, whether it is to visit relatives or for business visit purposes. This visa empowers you to visit the UK for recreation, for example, an occasion and shopping. You can stay in the UK for up to 6 months with a Visitor visa.

  • Business Visa:

There are various UK business visa and plans for those wishing to move to the UK as a component of the business migration stream. This visa is for individuals who wish to go to the UK to begin another business and work in the limit of maintaining that business.

Duration To Stay:

UK Visa is available in two different options which vary in validity. Short term and long term visas are also have facility of multiple entries which allows you to visit country multiple times.

  • Short-Term Visa:

If you are planning a short visit to United Kingdom then short term visa convenient visa for you.

  • Long -Term Visa:

If you want to stay more than a month then in United Kingdom this type of visa is convenient for your journey.

Application Processing Mode:

  • Normal Visa:
  • Express Visa:
  • Urgent Visa:

Mandatory Documents Required:

  • •Valid National passport or travel Document.
  • Recent color passport size photograph.
  • Copy of the bio-metric.
  • Proof of finance e.g. Bank statement, pay slip etc.
  • Accommodation and travel details.

Along with this, some additional UK visa documents may be required depending upon your visa type.

How To Apply:

  • Step 1: Visit fill out visa application form
  • Step 2: Select visa upload mandatory documents required for visa processing
  • Step 3: Make payment using credit card or debit card.
  • Step 4: Collect your visa

Final Words:

Before traveling to UK traveler need to obtain United Kingdom visa. You can apply at our visa application center. After verifying visa application and document submitted along with that we process your visa application to Embassy. When Embassy approves application and issues then you can collect it from visa application center or we will deliver by courier. We recommend that before applying for visa knows type of visa you required and choose the convenient processing mode.

For further assistance or any queries or questions please feel free to contact us at