5 Best Places To Celebrate New Year’s In London

shutterstock_506751340Planning to celebrate New Year in new style at new place? But, wondering about where to celebrate? Okay, Don’t Worry here we have listed 5 best places where you can celebrate your new year Eve. We know that everyone thinks about to celebrating New Year from first day of December. Many people plan to celebrate it like how they celebrate every year with their friends and family.  Few people plans to celebrate it new way and new style. So, for those we have discovered new idea. What you Do you think if you celebrate your New Year Eve with new people at new place?

shutterstock_125424134New Year’s Eve in London guarantees an unforgettable evening. There are many party places where you can celebrate your NYE. Here is the list of best five places:

1.   Somerset House, London


A peaceful and delightful approach to welcome-2017, skate alongside loved ones to the beats of DJ Bad Zuke at London’s most tremendous ice arena. Enjoy champagne at midnight and have exclusive access to the River Terrace for a perspective of the Mayor’s Fireworks on the Thames. Kick back and unwind with some thought about wine or hot chocolate for the children at this dazzling area while the world waits for midnight to chime.

2.   Southbank, London


If you don’t have any parties booked and you don’t fancy dressing up in your finery, then you can simply head on down to one of the most spectacular firecrackers shows in Europe -it’s a lot better in real life than on the telly! Join the crowds at Southbank and marvel at the turning sensation that is the London Eye as it is lit up by thousands of incredible firecrackers which seem to get bigger and better every year.

3.  Oxo Tower, London


Shimmering on the banks of the Thames, celebrate in style at the OXO Tower. Debauched, extravagance or more all, baffling, think wonderful dresses and high show to get you into the spirit. With a delicious dinner menu with champagne and wine accessible, you surely won’t be disappointed!

4.  Bounce Shoreditch, London


This will be Bounce in Shoreditchs’ first birthday gathering and NYE festivities all in one, so it’s set to be a decent one. The theme is glow with a standout amongst the most expand UV establishments in London – you won’t have the capacity to sit still. Hope to play ping pong well into the small hours of the morning and a specific fluid prize for best fancy dress.

5.  Troxy, London


By day, the Troxy is a smart and contemporary Art Deco place. By night, it can be changed into a boundless and vibrant area where revelers can assemble in stupendous festival. This New Year’s Eve celebrate with the unparalleled Mr. Robot Wars himself (sorry Red Dwarf has been done too often) Craig Charles! Prepare to move up and ring in the New Year with a velvety gathering of funk and soul beats. Prepare for the funkiest festival possible.

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Duration Of Visa:

Visa allows its holder to live in a United Kingdom for a particular time depending upon the visa legitimacy.

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 Documents Required:

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  • Completed and signed visa application form.
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Be Aware Of These UK Immigration Rules


An UK Visa is an essential document which traveler needs to carry before traveling to UK. When you land in the UK, an Immigration Officer will typically make inquiries, so you require visa and any other travel document that are important to get an entry into UK. Generally visa requirements depend on nationality and purpose of visit. There are few countries that do not require visa to visit UK. But nationals of some countries require visa to get an entry UK.

UK immigration rules and regulations are strict and to acquire visa approval applicant need to understand visa application process and all requirements. UK immigration approves only that visa application which fulfills their requirements. Immigration may delay or even refuse visa application with mistakes and incorrect information. Applicant should be ready to demonstrate that he/she is genuine visitors and wish to visit the UK for no more than six months. Applicants should have sufficient funds to maintain and accommodate themselves without assistance from UK public funds.

 Here is list of the things you need to remember the while applying for UK visa.

  • Prepare everything well in advance, particularly the required documents.
  • Calculate how much money your will require for your UK tour including living costs, accommodation, food and travel expense.
  • Put enough cash in a bank account at least 1 month before you apply for visa.
  • Arrange to have a Tuberculosis test on the off chance that you live in a nation where one is required to apply for a UK visa.
  • Fill up your visa application form carefully with every correct detail and attach all forms and supporting documents along with it.
  • Submit your visa application at least 15 working days before your departure date.
  • Make sure you know about any public holidays in your home country or the UK that may delay your visa application.

Guidelines To Avoid Visa Rejection:

  • Avoid the mistakes in visa application.
  •  Submit Clean and clear all mandatory documents.
  •  Do not submit Hand written passport.
  • Do not upload blur photo copy.
  • Ensure you provide all the documents in original, avoid scanned and faxed copies.

Every year UK visa applications turn down with stamp of – refusal on the passport. Once rejected, you have to keep explaining all the time in every visa application form that why you were rejected. That’s why mostly we advise our traveller to submit correct and complete visa application for first time only.

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