Get UK Visitor Visa To Visit United Kingdom

shutterstock_306390653If you are planning trip to United Kingdom for visiting family or friends, a sightseeing tour package, short internship, training or a business, a UK Standard Visitor Visa allows you to stay in the UK for a period of up to 6 months. However, those applying for a business visa are allowed to attend meetings, conferences, training as long as they do not plan to work, get paid, produce goods or provide services in the United Kingdom. The visa category may be consistent but depending on various factors the laws that govern it and the documents that are required in support of your application differs.

Different Types Of Visitor Visas;

UK Tourist Visa:

If you want to visit UK for tourism then you can apply for tourist visa which allows six months stay in UK. Individuals holding UK tourist visa will be able to visit top vacation/tourist spots in UK.

UK Family Visitor Visa:

On the off chance that you wish to meet your relatives or friends in the UK, you can apply for UK family visitor visa. This visa allows of six months stay in UK.

UK Child Visitor Visa:

In case, Child under the age of 18 wants to visit UK for short course of study then he/she can apply for this visa. This visa is valid for 6 months only and applicant under 18 year is only eligible.

Requisite Documents For UK Visa:

Visa applicant need to submit documents for visa processing which includes:

  • Valid National passport or travel Document.
  • Recent color passport size photograph.
  • Copy of the bio-metric information.
  •  Proof of finance e.g. Bank statement or pay slip etc.
  • Accommodation and travel details.

Every applicant is different and hence requirements might be changes depending up on visa type applying additional uk visa documents  may be required.

Visa Application Processing Mode:

  • Normal Visa
  • Express Visa
  • Urgent Visa

Express and Urgent UK visa services are optional, which will allow you to get UK visa sooner than normal visa process. But you will have to pay extra visa processing charges.

How To Apply For UK Visitor Visa?

Step 1: Fill Out Online Visa Application

Once you are ready with the required documents, determine type of visa you needed then fill out online UK visa application form and upload required documents.

Step 2: Upload Required Documents

As a part of the application process, all applicants are required to submit mandatory documents for visa processing such as copy of passport and photo.

Step 3: Make Payment

Pay visa processing charges using credit card or Debit card.

Step 4: Receive And Print Visa

Once your visa application is approved by immigration we send your visa email. Download and print your visa and fly to UK.

Final Words:

The above given information about UK visitor visa helps traveller to understand visa application process and apply for it. We have made UK visa application process less troublesome that you may focus on get prepared for your visit. We help every visa applicant for getting their visa as soon as possible and without any hassle.

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How To Get UK Tourist Visa

shutterstock_288844055Visa is the most essential document which is required for every traveler to visit any foreign country. The visa requirement usually depends upon nationality of traveler. For obtaining visa for particular country traveler need to complete visa application process which may seems complex sometimes.

 Each year, thousands of traveler travel to United Kingdom for tourism or to meet friends or family member. Visiting the UK should be a wonderful experience, but applying for a visa can be challenging The UK government welcomes tourist and international traveler to visit UK. Here are some good things to know if you are looking to apply for your UK Visa for the first time.

UK Visa Eligibility Criteria:

If you wish to visit UK (which includes Great Britain, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland) then you need follow UK Tourist Visa application process. Tourists are eligible to apply for UK Visa if they are:

  • Traveling to the UK for tourism
  • able to support themselves during stay
  •  able to meet the cost of the onward journey
  •  should not spend more than 6 months in the UK

If tourist meets the eligibility criteria mentioned above then only they can apply for tourist visa. Once you are eligible to apply for UK Visa the next step will be to check entry requirements which include analyzing what kind of visa you require and which documents you need to submit. There are different types of standard visitor visa; UK tourist visa is just one of them.

Mandatory Documents Required:

  • Valid National passport or travel Document.
  •  Recent color passport size photograph.
  • Copy of the bio-metric.
  •  Proof of finance e.g. Bank statement, pay slip etc.
  • Accommodation and travel details.

Fee Structure:

For faster and efficient visa processing of UK tourist visa application we have three different types of application processing mode.

  •  Normal Visa:
  • Express Visa:
  •  Urgent Visa:

Normally we process visa application in 4 to 5 working days at affordable price. For urgent travelers we recommend Express and Urgent Visa which will be processed in 2 to 3 days or on the same day respectively.

How To Apply?

Follow these simple steps to get UK Tourist Visa.

  1.  Fill-out visa Application form online.
  2. Upload Mandatory Documents
  3. Make Payment using Debit/credit card
  4. Receive your UK visa via mail

Final Verdicts:

UK Visa offers professional visa consultancy services for tourist looking to apply for a Visa for UK. We process tourist visas to the UK on a daily basis. We also process different types of UK Visas such as such as Investor Visa and Entrepreneur Visa for those who looking to set up or run a business in the UK. Our goal as professional visa consultants is to make your visa application as fast and convenient as possible. We will help you prepare the requirements and give you advice and support when the need arises.

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New Online UK Visa Service In UAE – Know More..!

shutterstock_448315798Now People living in Dubai/UAE planning to visit United Kingdom can apply for UK visa in UAE. The new UK visa service offers an expanded range of online visa services for tourist traveling to UK. Citizens making visa applications in UAE will receive better access to UK immigration services. Through a new online visa service provides facility to book visa online which is easy and straightforward process.

 Travellers wishing to travel to the UK can apply for uk visa up to three months before they travel. Presently People living in UAE hoping to visit UK can get to a more noteworthy scope of visa administrations and more adaptable courses of action with new online UK visa administration.

 UK visa is a crucial document approved by immigration which gives permission for travelers to gain entry into United Kingdom. UK Visa comes with validity which says that you have to leave country before your visa expires. Normal UK visa is available for six month which allows 180 days stay in UK.

Types of UK visa:

Listed below are the several types of visas are offered by UK Visa. Choose best one for you. If you get difficult to select visa you can take the help of our support team.

Standard Visitor Visa:

A Standard Visitor Visa is for people visiting the UK for leisure, e.g. on holiday or to see your family and friend or to take part in sports or creative events. Standard Visitor Visa replaced the Family Visitor visa, General Visitor visa and Child Visitor visa.

Business Visa:

Business visa is for those investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals from outside United Kingdom who have substantial net-worth and strong business skills to develop new commercial opportunities in UK.

Documents Required:

  • Valid passport or travel Document.
  • Latest color passport size photo.
  • 6 month bank statement as proof of finance.
  • Copy of the bio-metric information.
  • Accommodation and travel details.

Along with this, some additional uk visa documents may be required depending upon your visa type and purpose of visiting UK.

Online Visa Application Process.:

There is a certain procedure that needs to be followed to obtain visa for UK. Follow below steps to book your visa.

  1. Choose Appropriate Visa

Book your visa online by visiting Before booking your visas look for right type of visa which best suits for your trip.

  1. Upload Mandatory Documents

Every visa candidate need to submit scanned copy of their photograph and passport which is mandatory for visa processing.

  1. Pay Visa Charges:

Pay fees applicable for visa processing using debit card or credit card.

  1. Receive Your Visa:

After successful visa application you will receive your UK visa in few working days.

 Final Words: lets you apply for a uk tourist visa or uk business visa, book an appointment at and pay for the application online. We help visa applicants to save their significant time and efforts required to obtain visa approval. Once you book your visa our visa processing experts will review all of your documents to confirm your application is exact and ready for submission. We will contact you personally to quickly handle any mistakes ensuring your application is submitted accurately.

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