5 Facts Everyone Should Know About UK Visa


  1. Visa Application Changes As Reason Of Traveling Change

UK Visa offers different types of visit visa for visitors. Every visa allows different activity. If visitor is traveling to visit family member living in UK then he/she need to apply for Family visitor visa. This means if your purpose of traveling to UK changes then you need to apply for appropriate visa which allows your desired activity.

  Standard Visitor Visa:

  • Family Visitor Visa(For Visiting Family)
  • Child Visitor Visa ( For visiting child)
  • Tourist Visitor Visa (For tourism)
  1. UK Visa Gives Opportunity To Do Business In UK

If you wish to expand or set up business in UK and stay there to maintain that business then don’t worry, Now UK government offers business visas for Investor Entrepreneurs. To obtain these visas you need to fulfill requirements of UK immigration. There are two types of business visa which are given below:

  • Investor Visa
  • Entrepreneur Visa
  1. Every Visa Has Limited Validity

Each visa accompanies the legitimacy which expresses that you have to leave the country before your visa terminates. Every Visa holders are asked for to check legitimacy of their visa while they are staying in nation on visa on the grounds that exceeding may bring about significant issues. The rules of UK visas and Immigration are exceptionally strict in the event that they found that somebody is exceeding then the can ban your entrance for next 10 Years.

  • Short Term Visa: This visa is useful for those visitors who wish to spend short period of time with family, buddies or dear ones living in UK. Short term visa allows 6 months stay in UK.
  •  Long Term Visa: Visitors who wish to take a long trip or stay in UK to setup business spend more time or some business related work then they can obtain long term visas which allows 2 years or  5 years long term stay.
  1. Single Visa Can Allow Multiple Entries

If you habitually visit United Kingdom then multiple entry visa best suits for you. A multiple entry UK visa permit visitor to visit country multiple times on single visa. You don’t need to apply for uk visa each time.

  1. Now You Can Get UK Visa Online:

Now we have made uk visa application process simple and hassle free. Visa applicant need do not need to queue up to submit visa application you can book your visa online within few minutes. Follow below given steps to book your visa.

  1. Visit ukvisa.ae and book your visa
  2. Fill visa application form and upload documents
  3. Make visa payment using credit card or debit card.
  4. Get visa in a short time

Final Words:

If you are visiting United Kingdom first time and you haven’t applied for visa in past then first up all you need to know about uk visa. The above given information is for those who have not gone through visa application process need to understand rules of Immigration for hassle free visa process. Ukvisa.ae is one of the best visa service providers which always provide help and important information about UK Visa.

If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us at info@ukvisa.ae or visit us on Ukvisa.ae


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