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Sometimes tourist making a trip to foreign country which asks for visa prior to enter in country then they needs to apply for visa. For example if you are in Dubai and wish to visit United Kingdom to meet your family member or friends then first thing you need to check is that do I need visa to enter in UK. The visa requirements depend on nationality and purpose of your visit.

UK visas and Immigration do not ask for visa if you are EU countries or from visa exempt countries. If your nationality do not belongs visa exempt countries then you need to apply for UK Visa. UK government allows different types of visas for traveler which traveler can obtain depending upon their requirement.

Types Of Visas:

Standard Visitor Visa:

If traveler wishes to visit UK for tourism, visit to family or friends or leisure then this visa allows doing that. This visa permits maximum stay up to 90 days in United Kingdom. Standard visitor visa is categorized into different types which allow the holder to enter UK and undertake permitted activities.

  1. Family Visitor Visa: If you are visiting relatives or friends in UK and are a citizen of visa national countries, you may need this kind of visa.
  1. Child Visitor Visa: If child under the age of 18 wants to visit UK for short course of        study then he/she can apply for this visa. This visa is valid for 6 months only and applicant under 18 year is only eligible.
  1. Tourist Visitor Visa: This visa is appropriate for those who would like to visit UK for tourism or other non-business related purposes.

  Processing Time and Fees:

  • 1. Normal Visa: It is the general type of visa which is processed in 3 to 4 working days.
  • 2. Express Visa: This mode takes 1 to 2 working days for visa processing.
  • 3. Urgent Visa: This service can be used when Dubai visa is required on urgent basis. Visa approval only takes 24 hours.

Documents Required For Visa Process:

Before attending appointment gather and prepare the following required documents:

  • Confirmed return air ticket with itinerary.
  • Original passport.
  • Duly filled and signed UK Visa application.
  • Passport-size photographs.
  • Bank statement reflecting transactions of the last 6 months.

The applicant may be required to furnish additional uk visa documents and information whenever necessary.

 Get Your UK Visa In 4 Simple Steps:

  1. Visit UK visa and fill the form.
  2. Schedule and attend appointment
  3. Make a Payment.
  4. Get your UK Visa in few working days.

Final Words:

Travelers wishing to visit UK needs visa approval before entering in UK. Citizens of Visa obligatory countries need per-entry visa along with them. Now you can apply online and pay for your UK Visa from comfort of your home. We offer different types of visas at reasonable price. We are one of those leading companies which provide easy and convenient visa services to customers.

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Learn How To Apply For UK Visa In Dubai

shutterstock_79557478Every foreign national entering United Kingdom is required to have a legitimate valid international travel document as a national passport with a valid visa obtained. All Individual visa seekers need to apply for the UK Visa through, with a specific end goal to make an application for getting the UK Visa. We have new easier-to-understand application process and range of visitor visas. We have likewise updated and abbreviated easy to understand Immigration guidelines and direction to make the framework for individuals going to Britain clearer. The prerequisites for entering the UK are the same; however rules and guidance are simplified to help applicants avoid visa rejection due to UK’s Immigration Rules.

UK Visa:

Visitors to the United Kingdom require valid visa prior to travel. The type of visa you need depends on your purpose of travel. The application process for any type of uk visa is same but only visa application varies little bit.

There are different types of UK visa which can be issued depending upon your purpose of travel.

  • Tourist Visitor visa
  •  Family Visitor visa
  • Child visitor visa
  • Investor visa
  • Entrepreneur visa

Eligibility Criteria For Applying UK Visa:

  • Global Travelers, whose sole objective of visiting UK is recreation, sightseeing, visit to meet friends or relatives, short duration medical treatment or casual business visit are qualified to for UK visa.
  •  Passport ought to have no less than six months legitimacy from the date of landing in UK. The travel permit should have at least two blank pages for stamping by the Immigration Officer.

Fees Structure And Mode Of Application:

We provide above mentioned visa as per requester need. We have urgent visa application in case of emergency.

Normal Visa: Normal processing charges applicable for this visa and processing takes 10 working days to complete.

Express Visa: If you choose Express visa option your application is processed immediately and it takes 2 to 3 days for visa approval.

Urgent Visa: This service can be used when UK visa is required on urgent basis. With the help of urgent visa processing mode you can get your visa within 24 hours.

Mandatory Documents:

  • Valid passport or travel document.
  • One recent color
  • Copy Of Bio-metric Information
  •  Evidence of accommodation and travel details.
  •  Evidence income stated on application form.

Along with this, additional uk visa documents may be required depending upon your visa application

Visa Applying Process:

The duly signed hard copy of the uk visa application completed in all respect and submitted successfully, is to be submitted at the concerned UK Visa Application Center on the scheduled date of appointment along with the requisite supporting documents.

  • Visit application Center and fill the form
  • Schedule and attend appointment
  • Submit your application with required documents at center.
  •  Collect your passport/visa from UK visa application center or by courier.

Final Words:

If you are arranging your trip to UK or planning to join family members on occasion, then acquiring a visa is the first step. provides simplified visa service and also gives instructions for filling the form and guidelines for important document.

The applicants are also requested to visit concerned for detailed information about UK visa.

Don’t Spend Too Much Time And Money On Your UK Visa, Try

new_passTraveler planning to visit United Kingdom need UK visa in advance. In order to visa to UK traveler need to go through visa application process. Visa application process includes filling visa application, documents submission and paying visa application fees. Sometimes you need to spend time and money in order to obtain visa. If you don’t want waste your money and time, use our new simplified visa application service by visiting

We offer different types of uk visa in Dubai for traveler planning to visit Dubai. Our Company offers hassle free and affordable UK Visa Service to the customers. Through our e-visa portal now visa applicant are able to book visa for uk. We provide visa service in three modes which is listed below. Normal UK visa is a single-entry and which is used for tourism or one-time holiday purpose.

UK Visa Fees Structure

  • Normal Visa: It is the general type of visa which is processed in 3 to 4 working days. We recommend this option for those who don’t want to spend more on visa fees.
  • Express Visa: This is fast track visa processing when you want to visit UK in 1 to 2 days. If you choose Express visa option your application is processed immediately and you will get your visa in 1 to 2 working days.
  • Urgent Visa: This service can be used when UK Visa is required on urgent basis. This is an exclusive facility in which highest priority given to processing applicant’s visa application. The visa application is processed within 24 hours.

Apart from offering visa service at the lowest price, we process your visa application with minimum documents.

Mandatory Documents For Visa:

The documents given below are mandatory for processing your Visa application.

  • One passport-sized photograph.
  • Passport and/or valid travel documents.
  • Bank statements or pay slips covering a 6 month period.
  • Accommodation and travel details.
  • Copy of the biometric information.
  • Letter of invitation from you stating your address in the UK.

There might be additional uk visa documents required depending on your country of residence.

After collecting all required document complete the application as per the given below and you will get visa approval.

Step By Step Instructions To Apply:

  1. Visit and fill-out visa application form.
  2.  Upload mandatory documents required for visa processing.
  3.  Make payment via our secure payment gateway.
  4.  Receive you visa via Email.

Final Words:

If you are Applying through, you do not have to find a local sponsor in the United Kingdom. We make sure your visa application will be attended with care and will be processed as soon as possible. In many cases it happens that other uk visa supplier cannot help their clients to get visa in time. But UK Visa takes customer service very seriously. This is why our customers love us and this is what sets us apart from our competitors.

Top 10 Tips For Professional UK Visa Application


Top 10 Tips For Professional UK Visa Application

The United Kingdom is a standout among the most well-known visitor destinations in the world. Touring, visiting family and friends, voyaging, business excursions, and even medicinal visits make the six-month Visitor Visa the most prevalent class for explorers to the UK. A UK Visa permits a man to travel and stay in the UK for up to six months.

Being a high wage destination UK keeps on being an astounding spot to do business. People who need to make a significant financial investment the UK and Non-European migrants who need to put resources into the UK by setting up or assuming control and being effectively involved in the running of, a business or organizations in the UK can move to UK on Business visa for the years.

Applying for and acquiring a UK visitor visa for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland can feel exceptionally distressing, especially the first time.

We are delighted to reveal the secrets of the Immigration Experts at to help you make your visit visa application like a professional. We have panel of expert Solicitors, who can guide on how to get the visas without any hassles.

We are pleased to uncover the privileged insights of the Immigration Experts at to offer you some assistance with making your visit visa application like an expert. We have board of master Solicitors, who can guide on how to get the visas without any hassles.

Top Tips For Professional UK Visa Application:

1) Be clear about the motivation behind your visit – would you like to visit your friend, relative, for an holiday or to study or on a business excursion, stick reason for your travel with the application.

2) Be particular about the length of time of your visit – it doesn’t help your case on the off chance that you are not certain about the time you need to spend in the UK.

3) Clarify how you will be supporting yourself for the trip and have you made courses of action for the same

4) Prove you have adequate funds: Visiting the UK and taking a holiday is expensive so ensure that you have satisfactory cash to support your trip, stay and other expenses. There is no “perfect” sum but if you have limited funds of your own then it’s a good idea to get additional funds or a ‘letter of support’ from your parents or brother or sister supporting your trip.

5) Provide documentary evidence: Entry Clearance officer has to make decisions on your applications based on the documentary evidence that you submit. So ensure you submit your Income Tax Returns, Property ownership documents, relationship evidence, Bank statements as necessary.

6) Show evidence that you will come back: If you have a job, family, business and some assets then you stand a better chance convincing the Entry Clearance officer that you will be back.

7) Check the application details that you have entered before submitting the application.

8) Review the application – be very thorough about the application that you are submitting, as once the application is submitted you cannot make any changes and you will have to re-start the whole application.

9) UK Immigration retains details of the applicants on their records and the applicants are required to mention details of all travels and refusals in the last 10 years.

10) Failure to provide such information can result in applicants being refused visas and even is given country bans for 10 years.

In the event that you are uncertain about making an application or need assistance for UK visa application – for any class. Don’t hesitate to Contact our specialists at

The Most Important Thing You Need To Know About UK Visa

shutterstock_145171495It is very essential for the traveler to have a visa before entering in any country. Similarly the visitors need to obtain their uk visa prior to visit the United Kingdom. For this every visa applicant require certain documents and need to follow the visa application procedure. The Documents and visa requirement depends on visitor’s nationality and purpose of traveling to UK.

The native people of EU nations do not require a visa to travel to the UK. The residents of visa exempt countries can get their visa on arrival. UK Visas and Immigration offers different types of visas for traveler wishing to visit UK. Normally UK visa is the endorsement by immigration that allows visitor to enter in country for specified period of time.

Different Types of UK Visas:

There are different types of visas available for the visitors traveling to visit UK.

  • Tourist Visitor Visa
  • Family Visitor Visa
  • Child Visitor Visa
  • Business Visitor Visa

Fee Structure

All the visas have different fee structures and which depends on the type and duration of stay in the UK. You may obtain your visa by 3 different rates that are:

  • Normal Visa: This is suitable option for the visitors who have an enough time to obtain a visa. You may get your Normal Visa with usual procedure at affordable price. Processing time for getting the Normal Visa is 3 to 4 working days.
  • Express Visa: If a visitor to the UK has not an enough time to getting his visa, then he may go with Express Visa. The price for obtaining an Express Visa is quite higher than Normal Visa but it process visa application in 1 to 2 working days.
  • Urgent Visa: This is very helpful for those people who want to go to the UK very quickly. You may receive your Urgent Visa in just 24 hours with some additional rates.

Possible Reasons of Visa Rejection:

Even complete visa processing is going in a correct way; still there might be chance of visa rejection. Here we have given some possible reasons for your visa rejection.

  • If there are typing errors occurred in your visa application.
  •  If visitors passport showing unskilled profession, like a farmer, laborer, uneducated worker or somewhat similar
  • If the applicant has a previous fraud record in the UK or his country
  •  If the passport photo is not clear or not as per immigration standards.

Documents Required for Visa Processing:

  1.  Passport size photograph taken against white background
  2.  Passport having at least 6 month validity
  3.  Bank statements or pay slips covering a 6 month period as proof of sufficient funds
  4. Accommodation and travel details
  5. Copy of the bio-metric information

The above given documents are mandatory to get UK Visa, however additional uk visa documents may be required according to visa type for which you are applying.

How to Apply:

In just 4 simple steps you may obtain your visa. The steps are:

  • Step 1: Fill up an UK Visa application
  • Step 2: Provide all the necessary documents
  • Step 3: Pay visa processing Fees
  • Step 3: Receive your visa within a specific period of time

Final Words:

If you really wish to visit United Kingdom and your require UK visa in advance then you need to know about uk visa application process before applying for visa. Here you may find all the needed information about UK visa like its type, application process, essential documents and reasons for visa rejection. provides one of the best uk visa service in UAE. Now visa seekers can take the help of to apply for their UK visa.

For more information on the online visa application process feel free to contact us at

New Faster And More Flexible Online UK Visa Service


Now People residing in UAE looking to visit UK are able to access a greater range of visa services and more convenient new online UK Visa Service. The new UK visa service offers an expanded range of visa services 24*7 hours from comfort of home. Citizens making visa applications in UAE will receive better access to UK immigration services. Through a new online visa service provides facility to book visa online which is easy and straightforward process. Travellers wishing to travel to the UK can apply for a UK Visa up to three months before they travel.

Presently People living in UAE hoping to visit UK can get to a more noteworthy scope of visa administrations and more adaptable courses of action with new online UK visa administration.

UK visa is a crucial document approved by immigration which gives permission for travelers to gain entry into United Kingdom. UK Visa comes with validity which says that you have to leave country before your visa expires. Normal UK visa is available for six month which allows 180 days stay in UK.

Different Types Of UK Visa:

Listed below are the several types of visas are offered by UK Visa. Choose best one for you. If you get difficult to select visa you can take the help of our support team.

Standard Visitor Visa:

A Standard Visitor visa is for people visiting the UK for leisure, e.g. on holiday or to see your family and friend or to take part in sports or creative events. Standard Visitor Visa replaced the Family Visitor visa, General Visitor visa and Child Visitor visa.

Business Visa:

Business visa is for those investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals from outside United Kingdom who have substantial net-worth and strong business skills to develop new commercial opportunities in UK.

 Documents Required:

  • Valid passport or travel Document.
  • Latest color passport size photo.
  • 6 month bank statement as proof of finance.
  •  Copy of the bio-metric information.
  • Accommodation and travel details.

Along with this, some additional uk visa documents may be required depending upon your visa type and purpose of visiting UK.

How To Apply:

There is a certain procedure that needs to be followed to obtain visa for UK. Follow below steps to book your visa.

  1. Select Visa And Book Appropriate One

Book your visa online by visiting Before booking your visas look for right type of visa which best suits for your trip.

  1. Upload Documents

Every visa candidate need to submit scanned copy of their photograph and passport which is mandatory for visa processing.

  1. Make Payment:

Pay fees applicable for visa processing using debit card or credit card.

  1. Collect Your Visa:

After successful visa application you will receive your UK visa in few working days.

Final Words: lets you apply for a UK tourist visa or UK business visa, book an appointment at and pay for the application online. We help visa applicants to save their significant time and efforts required to obtain visa approval. Once you book your visa our visa processing experts will review all of your documents to confirm your application is exact and ready for submission. We will contact you personally to quickly handle any mistakes ensuring your application is submitted accurately.

For more information on the online visa application process feel free to contact us at

Take Trip To United Kingdom With UK Visitor Visa

shutterstock_145171495The Great Britain, which is regularly called United Kingdom, is considered as a hot destination for voyagers from everywhere throughout the world. Its solid economy, enchanting scenes, multicultural feel, high caliber of life and lucrative profession and livelihood prospects obviously represents UK to be the best place for living, contemplating and working. Other than its prospering economy and quite great job prospects, it’s astounding lawfulness framework stand as other fundamental attractions to rouse all the more abroad vacationers to apply for UK Visitor Visa.

UK Visa:

UK Visa permits short stay in the UK for the period up to 6 months while meeting relatives, companions, on vacations or for business purposes. It is besides conceivable to apply for a long term and multiple entry visit visa which keeps going up 1, 2, 5 and 10 year.

There are a wide range of different visas for short stay and long term for convenient journey.

Short- Term Visa:

  • 6 Month’s Visa

Long-Term Visa:

  • 2 Years Visa
  • 5 Years Visa

Requirements For UK Visa:

  • Passport or travel documents.
  • One passport-sized photograph.
  •  Bank statements or pay slips covering a 6 month period.
  • Accommodation details.
  • Copy of the biometric information.
  • Letter of invitation from you stating your address in the UK.

The above given documents are essential to acquire visa, however additional uk visa documents may be required according to visa type for which you are applying.

UK Visa Processing Time:

UK Visa application center in Dubai offers various options for handling visa application based on the urgency of your travel plan and budget.

  • Normal Visa: It takes 3 to 4 working days to process visa.
  • Express Visa: It takes 1 to 2 days for visa processing.
  • Urgent Visa: It takes 24 hours for visa processing

How Do I Apply?

We have made visa application process hassle free. The procedure is straight forward and you do not need to queue up to submit visa application you can submit within few minutes if you have scheduled an appointment.

Follow below given steps to uk visa application process:

  1. Complete visa application forms depending on your status and return it to the visa application center.
  2. To submit visa application and bio-metric information you need to book appointment before visiting visa application center.
  3. Once you have submitted your visa application you need to pay applicable charges for processing UK visa application.
  4. After successful application wait for few days and then check your UK visa application status by tracking your application and collect your visa from application center or get delivery by courier.

Final Words:

For many reasons individuals from various countries around the world visit the UK. Visitors wishing to visit UK needs visa approval before entering in UK. Now travellers can apply for their uk visa online by submitting visa application and essential document. provides guidance on documentation needed for a successful UK visitor visa application.

For any inquiries or details, please contact us: