5 Little Known Facts About UK Visa – And Why They Matter

shutterstock_248136556Visa is an approval on a passport indicates that the visitor is granted to enter, exit, or stay for a temporary period in a particular country. The visa application process is not easy and simple small mistake in visa application or proofs you are providing may refuse your visa application. Every year UKVI refuse visa application due to these small mistakes. Visa applicant makes these mistakes because they don’t know the visa application rules, visa application process and little facts about UK visa. Here in this article we have listed 5 little known UK visa facts which matters a lot when you apply for uk visa.

  1. UK Visa Requirement Depends On Nationality.

 Your entire visa procedure normally depends on your nationality. Hence, you have to keep in mind the following things before applying for your UK visa.

  • The applicants from European Union (economic and political unions of 28 countries) are not restricted for visa to visit the any United Kingdom.
  • Under Electronic Visa Waiver (EVW) Scheme Citizens of Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and United Arab Emirates can visit UK without visa.3
  • Applicants from Visa Exempt countries not need visa for uk.
  1. UK Visa Application Depending Upon Purpose Of Traveling.

There are different types of visit visa available to short-term visitors. Visitor need to understand which visa to apply for depending upon their purpose of traveling. If you are traveling for tourism purpose or to visit family or friends residing in UK then you need to apply for UK tourist visa or Family Visitor visa respectively. In the event that if you are traveling for tourist purpose and you apply for family visitor visa or business visa then your visa application UKVI refuse your visa application.

Standard Visitor Visa:

  1. Family Visitor Visa(For Visiting Family)
  2. Child Visitor Visa ( For visiting child)
  3. Tourist Visitor Visa (For tourism)

Business Visa:

If you’re traveling to setup business in UK then you need to make application for uk business visa.

  1. Investor Visa
  2. Entrepreneur Visa:
  1. UK Visa Comes With Validity

Every visa comes with the validity which states that you need to leave the nation before your visa expires. Visa holders are requested to check validity of their visa while they are staying in country on visa because overstaying may cause serious problems. The rules of UK visas and Immigrations are very strict if they found that someone is overstaying then the can ban your entry for next 10 Years.

Short Term Visa:

If someone planning for short term trip to United Kingdom to spend a short time with your buddies or dear ones then he or she can apply for short term UK Visa. Short term visa allows 6 months stay in UK.

Long Term Visa:

Visitors who desire to take a long trip or stay in UK to setup business spend more time or some business related work then they can obtain long term visas which allows 2 years or 5 years long term stay.

  1. You Can Visit UK Multiple Times On Single UK Visa

 If you frequently visit United Kingdom then multiple entry visa best suits for you. A UK multiple entry visas allow visitors to come and go from UK on single visa which was issued first time. You do not need to apply for uk visa every time when you travel to UK. It can be valid for up to 10 years.

  1. Visa Applicant Need To Present Documents For Visa Processing:

There are few documents that required from you as a proof.  Once you complete visa submit visa application along with this document officers of UKVI cross check your visa application and documents and take decision about approval.

  1. One passport-sized photograph
  2. Passport and/or travel documents
  3. Accommodation and travel details
  4.  6 Months bank statement as proof of sufficient funds
  5. Copy of the Bio-metric information


Every traveller need to obtain visa before traveling to United Kingdom. If someone visiting United Kingdom first time and they haven’t applied for visa in past then it’s difficult to process visa application. For those who have not gone through visa application process need to understand rules of Immigration for hassle free visa process. Ukvisa.ae is one of the best visa service providers which always provide help and important information about UK visa.

For More information you can visit us on http://ukvisa.ae/ or mail us on info@ukvisa.ae


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