The Biggest UK Visa Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid


Every year UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) rejects many UK visa applications not because of the gauge and appropriateness of the applicant(s), but only because of basic errors in the application itself. The UKVI is exceptionally stringent with regards to fundamental mistakes, for example, not writing in blue/dark ink or not writing within the boxes provided on the forms; in many cases it will dismiss your application on this premise.

As movement specialists with years of experience, we have seen various mistakes and errors on visa application form; in this article, we will plot the most widely recognized ones we see and offering an orderly manual for help you keep away from them.

Everyone who applies for a UK visa rapidly comes to understand this: UKVI (UK visas and Immigration) will search for motivations to dismiss your application. At first, they are not keen on your legitimacy as an individual hoping to secure a UK visa; before whatever else they will search for straightforward administrative mistakes on your application. There are various essential tenets with regards to rounding out your visa application form.

1. Ensure You Have The Right Application Structure

So before you begin set up that you will finish the right application form. In the event that you complete an Investor visa application form yet you are applying for entry as an Entrepreneur then your case will be instantly rejected – regardless of how solid your application, proof and documentation is. The visa classification you are applying for and the class of the visa application form must match.

2. Check The Photograph Guidance

You will be required to give passport-sized photographs as a part of the visa procedure, so ensuring that these are of the right determination is important, as submitting photographs which don’t match UKVI’s specifications can make your application invalid. Check photograph rules here

3. Ensure That You Have The Correct Amount Of Money In Your Bank Account

A key some portion of your visa application is demonstrating to the UKVI that you won’t require any public funds during your time in the UK. When you realize what visa class you will apply for, you will likewise need to check the amount of cash you will require. . It is advised that you arrange to have these funds in your bank account prior to completing your UK visa application form.

When Completing Your Visa Application:

  • Write in the box
  • Use blue/black ink
  • Submit ALL the documents that are required
  • Submit all pages of your application
  • Submit genuine bank statements, not print outs.
  • Your signature must be inside the box provided
  • Accommodation Requirement

Checklists Before You Submit Your Visa Application:

1) Ensure You Submit All Of The Documents Required:

When you have guaranteed that your application form is free of any blunders, the time has come to do an intensive check of your supporting documents.  On the off chance that the UKVI can’t locate any essential mistakes in your application then it will investigate your proof – so ensure that you are sure of the precise documents you should give, and in what structure.

2) Submit Both Original Documents And Copies:

The UKVI will expect that you will submit original documents as supporting proof for your application (nationality records, bank explanations, capabilities and so on. On the off chance that the UKVI does not see original documents it cannot approve your visa application. You are additionally required to present a duplicate of every original document now for some applications.

 The UKVI is very strict over the rules for any additional materials you supply alongside your application. To avoid visa rejection you need to ensure that you are applying for visa by keeping in mind UKVI’ rules and documents and application you are providing meets standards set by immigration.

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