Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Applying For UK Visa

2Sometimes it’s hard to so much people from other countries to visit United Kingdom without going through complex visa process. It is very common for traveller to get intimidated by the idea of getting a visa. Here are some good things to know if you are looking to apply for your uk visa  first time. These are some questions that you receive while planning to visit the UK (which includes Great Britain, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland) for travel purposes.

Where Do I Start?

At the point when attempting to get a uk tourist visa, or any visa from whatever other nation besides, you have to first set your trip plans. Investigate your contemplation for voyaging.   For example, if you want to celebrate Christmas with your family, so you need to decide that what time will be best for you to travel to UK. It is truly essential to first have a general thought of your travel and accommodation plans. How many leaves are you allowed? Who will be visiting there? Having a strong idea of what you need out of the excursion will help you to sort out your schedule and requirements easier.

Should I Use A Visa Service?

If you are applying first time for visa to uk then getting a UK Visa in the Dubai/UAE solely is quite complex and painstaking process. For processing your visa hiring a third party like would make visa process easier and pretty straightforward. They Provide guidelines to applicants who wish to apply for the UK visa. Their visa processing experts assist you to prepare your application pack accurately which would reduce the chances of your application being rejected.

Which Type Of Visa Should I Need?

There are different types of visas which are subject to purpose of travelling.

Standard Visitor Visa: This visa issued to those travelling in the event that going for leisure, to meet family and companions participating in games and occasions.

Business Visa: UK business visas and schemes are for those wishing to migrate to the UK as part of the business immigration stream. Investor and Entrepreneur visa gives opportunity to start business in UK.

How Long Would I Stay In The UK?

You can stay as long as you are able to support yourself or until your visa get expires. Your stay in UK depends on type of visa you are holding and duration of your visa. You can stay for short period of time up to 6 month if you are holding Standard Visitor Visa/ Tourist Visa.

 Duration Of Visa:

Visa allows its holder to live in a United Kingdom for a particular time depending upon the visa legitimacy.

  • 6 Month’s Visa
  • 2 Year’s Visa
  • 5 Year’s Visa

Be reminded that when applying for a visa, you need to be able to demonstrate that you can’t and will not overstay and that you can afford the cost of staying in the UK for the amount of time that you choose.

How Long Did The Whole Visa Approval Process Take?

If we talk about processing your visa application with then they have three different types of processing mode which vary upon time required to process your visa application and processing charges.

Here’s the different type of visa processing mode:

Normal Visa: This is ordinary visa processing it takes processing time of 4 to 5 working days.

Express Visa: This may takes 3 to 4 working days to process visa application. Additional charges applicable than Norma Visa.

Urgent Visa: This takes 24 hours to process your visa. Recommended to travellers who need to travel urgently.

What Type Of Document Should I Need To Submit With UK Visa Application? 

Below is a list of documents which you need to submit with your uk visa application.

  1. Passport and/or travel documents.
  2. One passport-sized photograph.
  3. Bank statements of a latest 6 month.
  4. Accommodation and travel details.
  5. Copy of the bio-metric Information.

The above given documents are compulsory to get visa, however additional uk visa documents might be requested according to type of visa you are applying.

How Do I Apply For Visa To UK?

Applying for UK Visa with is very simple and straightforward process. Simply follow the below given steps to get your visa to UK.

Step 1: Visit our visa application center.

Step 2: Book and attend an appointment at any of the visa application centers in UAE.

Step 3: Enroll your fingerprints and photograph (known as biometric information collection).

Step 4: Choose mode of visa collection in person at the visa application center or delivery by post.

Final Words has made applying for a UK tourist visa from UAE much easier. Our team of professionals is passionate about making your visa application hassle free. We give assistance and specialist advice on specific immigration issues. Our highly trained advisors have experience in all areas of UK immigration, from simple applications to more complex cases

If you have any other questions or would like to clarify anything else, please, let us know. We are always glad to help you.


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