Things That You Should Keep In Mind To Avoid Visa Rejection

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The rate of UK Visa refusal is increased since the changes to the Immigration rules in 2012. After submitting the application form, supporting documents and attending the interview, you will have to wait for your visa. The Immigration rules have been made much stricter and tougher. However most of the refusals can be avoided by making a proper application.

Reasons For UK Visa Rejection:

Our company provides very good visa services to our customers. However there could be a few instances when your UK Visa will reject. Even all visa procedure is going right, there could be a situation where you will not be able to issue your visa. Some of very common visa refusal reasons are given below:

  • If you are not confident on the duration of stay, place of stay and sufficient funds to support the stay then there could be a possible delay or rejection.
  • Your UK visa application may get rejected if your passport holds unskilled profession like farmer, laborer or something similar.
  • The applicant has previously breached UK immigration laws like overstaying, being an illegal entrant or having criminal record for fraud or misconduct in UK.
  • Visitors using false or forged documents or have lied during their interviews can be banned from entry to the UK for up to 10 years.
  • There is a case of a person whose request was rejected by an officer because they had “little or no idea what you plan to see or do”.
  • If you had previously applied for a UK tourist visa and not utilized it, then you will have to get it cancelled from the travel agency or sponsor in order to apply for a new UK visa.
  • If your visa application had any typo errors in name, passport number, profession code and other particulars like date of birth, passport issuance and expiry.
  • If applicant fails to provide bio-metrics information or undergo a medical examination or provide a medical report.

Guidelines To Avoid Visa Rejection:


  • Avoid the mistakes in visa application.
  • Submit Clean and clear all mandatory documents.
  • Do not submit hand written passport.
  • Do not upload blur photo copy.
  • Ensure you provide all the documents in original, avoid scanned and faxed copies.

Final Verdicts:

We know the pain of being rejected, we have seen what it feels when your application turned down with that ugly stamp of – refusal on the passport. Once rejected, you have to keep explaining all the time in every visa application form that why you were rejected. That’s why mostly we advise our customer to submit correct and complete visa application for first time only.


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