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There were days when you had to spend so much money, time and energy to get the visa. We are the tourist and business visa consultant for those who would like an affordable and hassle free UK visa. We provide visa support for traveler traveling to UK at free-of-charge. We assure you that you will process your visa application without any hassle and obtain visa as soon as possible by referring guidelines provided by us. is trusted source for all your visa needs. offer assistance and specialist advice on specific immigration issues. Our highly trained advisors have experience in all areas of UK immigration, from simple applications to more complex cases. We have the expertise and knowledge to give you realistic and useful advice about your situation.

 Standard/Tourist Visitor Visa:

A Standard Visitor visa is for tourism purposes allows applicants to travel to the UK for leisure, for business or for another reason such as to visit family and friends, take part in sports and creative events, receive private medical treatment or purely to visit the country for up to 6 months. To get Standard Visitor visa, there are basic requirements which must be met. In addition, applicant must meet various other conditions based on the purpose of the visit to the UK. Applicants must only visit the UK for a maximum of six (6) months at a time and show that they will be able to financially support themselves.

 The Standard Visitor visa has replaced the:

Family Visitor visa: This visa provides the opportunity to meet friends and family in the UK for up to 6 months. Friends or family can also act as a UK sponsor.

Child Visitor visa: This is specifically for those under 18 years to meet family and friends in the UK for up to six months.

Tourist Visitor Visa: This visa entitles holders to visit the UK for up to a maximum of six (6) months allowing them to experience life and culture in the UK. They may be allowed multiple entries to the UK during this six (6) month period.

Business Visa:

The UK Business Visa category includes flexible visa types that permit successful business people and their families to carry out business in the United Kingdom. These visas can lead to UK permanent residence and British Nationality. The UK accommodates for the wide range of business people, by offering a number of options for people to come here and pursue their goals. The UK welcomes anyone who can contribute to the British economy and gain entry into the expanding EU market from one of the most advanced global economies in the world.

Entrepreneur Visa: This visa category is designed for those investing in the United Kingdom by setting up or taking over, and being actively involved in the running of one or more businesses in the UK.

Investor Visa: This visa is for people who wish to come to the UK to start a new business and work in the capacity of running that business.

 Duration of Stay:

Every visa comes with validity and duration of stay which shows that you have to leave country before visa expires

 Short Term:

6 Month’s Visa: This visa is appropriate for short term visit tourist can stay up to 180 days in UK.

Long Term:

2 Year’s Visa: This is recommended for visitors planning for Long stay in UK trips, meetings, conferences or to spend good time with your family or friends etc.

5 Year’s Visa: You can stay for longer time on the off chance that you hold 5 Year’s long term visa. This visa also comes with multiple entry features which allows visitors to come and go from UK for multiple times

 Fees structure and Mode of Application:

We provide above mentioned visa as per requestors need. We have UK urgent visa application in case of emergency.

  1. Normal Visa: Normal processing charges applicable for this visa and processing takes 10 working days to complete.
  2.  Express visa: If you Choose Express visa option your application is processed immediately and you will gets your visa in 3 to 4 working days by paying additional fees.
  3. Urgent visa: This service can be used when UK visa is required on urgent basis you will get your visa within 24 hours. Additional charges may be applicable than express visa.

Documents Required:

  • Valid passport or travel document.
  • UAE Residence visa.
  • One recent color photograph (45mm  x 35mm against off-white or light grey background).
  • Copy Of Biometric
  • Evidence of UK accommodation and travel details.
  • Evidence of the employment and all income stated on application form.

Along with this, some additional documents may be required depending upon your visa type.

Additional Documents for Family/Child Visa

  • Proof of your relationship, e.g. a birth or marriage certificate
  • A letter from your family declaring that you are coming to stay with them.
  • Your partner or family member’s passport or ID card.

Additional Document for Business Visa:

  • Invitation letter from the company/business/establishment.
  • Confirmation and details regarding the purpose you are visit.
  • Evidence of your business activities, accounts and financial credibility.

Note: The EVW scheme is free and there is no requirement to give bio-metrics or attend a visa application center.

How to Apply:

After selecting appropriate processing mode complete the application as per the given below and you will get visa approval.

Step 1: Locate the nearby visa application center and visit to file your application visit to file your application

Step 2: All applicants are required book an appointment to submit their UK visa application and Bio-metric information. No applications will be accepted without Prior Appointment. All applicants must ensure they print both the online application form and appointment confirmation letter, and bring both when attending the application center for their appointment.

Step 3: Choose mode of visa collection at the visa application center or delivery by post.

Note: Under EVW scheme UAE passport holders can travel to the UK for a visit of less than six months without a visa.

After Applying:

Track Your Application:

Once your application has been submitted, it can be tracked. You will be notified when the application process is complete. You can opt for this service at the time of submitting your application. You can also check status of your application online.

Collect Your Visa:

After approval by immigration of your application you can get your passport via courier or from the visa application center. During the passport collection you need to show documents such as original payment receipt and document confirming your identity.

Service We Offer:

  •    Guidance on required documents
  •    Obtaining appointments for submission
  •   Assistance in filling the form.
  •   24*7 live support.


If you are intending to visit UK, you will need to apply for a visa with the embassy or the consulate of that particular country. Information provided above regarding types of visa, mandatory documents and application process helps visa applicant to complete immigration Formalities and get their visa. Visa applicant can check the status of their application.

In case of any queries, inquiry with a consultant. They will explain the visa application process, answer your questions, and provide professional advice on your best way forward.

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